Katy takes selfies with fans, brings fans up onstage when it’s their birthday, constantly asks her fans to sing with her, flies over her fans heads twice, touches her fans hands multiple times during her concert, has a dance cam where fans can see themselves on the big screen, and brings a fan up onstage for pizza EVERY NIGHT…

But Taylor can’t even touch her fans for more than 3 seconds…image





But guys remember when I met Taylor!?!!??!?


do you know how amazing taylor swift is?? she literally made a shirt for a specific joke on a specific social media site full of her fan and she wore it KNOWING that nobody else would get it and she wore it KNOWING that we would and that we would love it!! SHE MADE, BOUGHT, AND WORE A SHIRT THAT REFERENCES FRICKIN BECKY FOR US AND IF THAT ISNT LOVE I DONT KNOW WHAT IS


Rosie finally opens her mouth and it’s fucking flawless.


10 year old me was so pissed that Gabriella would sacrifice true love for a dumb school but 2014 me now accepts that Gabriella was smart like home girl knew she could find dick everywhere YALL SHE GOT INTO FUCKIN STANFORD. FUCKIN. STANFORD. FUK TROY BOLTON’S WHITE ASS 

things straight ppl say in movies

  • girl: what are you doing?
  • boy: something i should have done a long time ago